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Coupon Chat with Me Sunday: Coupon Tag

I Tag All Of You Who Are Watching To Do The Tag Too!

Coupon Tag Questions

1) What made you start couponing?
2) Is couponing a necessity or hobby for you?
3) How many newspapers do you buy?
4) Are you an ethical couponer? Be honest.
5) How long have you been couponing?
6) What top 3 stores do you like to coupon at?
7) Do you use coupon at grocery stores?
8) Who do you coupon for?
9) Are you a beginner, average or extreme couponer?
10) Where do you keep your stockpile?
11) What do you have the most of in your stockpile?
12) Target or Walmart?
13) CVS, Rite Aid or Walgreens?
14) Best coupon deal you’ve done?
15) Favorite item you’ve found via couponing?