Super Bowl Sunday Price Breakdown ~ Under $45.00

Baby Carrots & Dip
Baby Carrots
Aldi $0.49
Dean’s Ranch Dip
Valli Produce $0.99

Chips & Dip
Potato Chips
Aldi $1.49
Dean’s Ranch Dip
Vallie Produce $0.99

Family Dollar $2.00

Buffalo Ranch Chicken Drumsticks
Link To The Recipe I Used: 
Chicken Drumsticks
Vallie Produce $0.49 @ 8.37lb =$4.10
Buffalo Wing Sauce
Had In My Pantry $?
Ranch Mix Packet
Aldi $0.49 x2 =$0.98
=$5.08 + Sauce

Stuffed Mini Peppers
Link To The Recipe I Used: (I use this recipe as a guide but substituted a few things, also because I only had one bar of cream cheese)
Mini Peppers
Caputos $1.49 x2 =$2.98
Cream Cheese
Aldi Prior Week $1.29
Sour Cream (around half)
Aldi Prior Week $1.19/2 =$0.60
Cheddar Cheese
Aldi Prior Week $5.98 8cup bag (I used about a cup)/8 =$1.32
A Little Salt, Onion Powder, Garlic Powder, & Garlic Salt
Probably Around $0.10 or so

Aldi Prior Week $5.99 (I believe)
Cocktail Sauce
Aldi Prior Week $0.99 (I used half)/2 =$0.49

Stuffed Ham & Cheese Mini Pies
Recipe I Used: I got this cute little mini pie press for Christmas, on the back it has baking instructions. Matthew made a few pie pinwheels with the leftover dough.
Pie Crusts
Aldi $1.49 x2 $2.98
Smoked Ham off the Bone
Valli Produce $3.99lb @ 0.99lb =$3.95 (I still had a few slices left over)
American Cheese
Valli Produce Prior Week $2.99lb @ 1.01lb =$3.02 (I used a little more than half)/2.5 =$1.81

Apple Dump Cake (not pictured)
Link To The Recipe I Used:
Yellow Cake Mix
Had In My Pantry $? (possible around $0.99)
Aldi Prior Week $2.69/4 =$0.67
Apple Pie Filling
Aldi Prior Week $1.99 x2 =$3.98 (I believe)
A little cinnamon
Topped with Vanilla Ice Cream
Aldi $1.99 (we only used about 1/4 of the ice cream)/4 =$0.50

Ice Cream Sandwiches
Chips Ahoy Cookies
Jewel-Osco $1.37
Vanilla Ice Cream
Aldi $1.99 (we only used about 1/4 of the ice cream)/4 =$0.50

Total for Our Super Bowl Party =$40.57 about
Our Super Bowl party was just our family (6) we in no way were able to eat all of this delicious food. I’d say we had at least 70% were left overs that will be used up as lunches and some after school/work snacks.

What did you do for the Super Bowl this year?

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