Freezer Dinners, Produce Prep, & Breakfast Prep Week of 3/4/17 ~ How I Use My Groceries

This week I made four freezer dinner two of each (for future weeks). I also did my veggie prep for snacks and side dishes for this week. Along with my breakfast prep for the week, to have some easy to-go breakfast for before work and school. I posted a video elaborating on how and why I make my freezer dinners. I should also add the disclaimer that I only cook typically four days out of the week (Monday-Thursday), my lovely mother cooks the other three days. We will also have leftovers for lunches and snacks throughout the week.

Freezer Dinners

Chicken Noodle Soup

Link To The Recipe I Used:

Chicken Breast
Jewel-Osco: (5.04lb) $7.51 used 1lb for each =$1.49
Organic Carrots
Valli Produce: $0.89 used 1/2lb for each =$0.45
Organic Celery
Caputo’s Last Week: $0.79 used half for each =$0.40
Yellow Onion
Valli Produce Prior Week: $0.04
Organic Chicken Broth
Aldi: $1.79 x2 =$3.58
Egg Noodles
Aldi: $1.19 half for each =$0.60
+Spices & Seasonings
=$6.56 & $6.56

Easy Chicken Pot Pie

Link To The Recipe I Used:

Chicken Breast
Jewel-Osco: (5.04lb) $7.51 used 1.52lb for each =$2.27
Yellow Onion
Valli Produce Prior Week: $0.04
Jewel-Osco Prior Week: (10lb) $2.99 used 1.5lb each =$0.45
Frozen Mixed Vegetables
Can’t remember where I bought these or for how much, but they retail for around $1.50
Chicken Broth
Aldi: $0.49 used half for each =$0.25
Aldi Prior Week: $1.18 5lb =$0.02
+Spices & Seasonings, I’ll also need heavy whipping cream when I cook this recipe
=$4.53 & $4.53

Freezer Dinner Price for This Week $22.18 for four!

Produce Prep


Green Grapes
Jewel-Osco: $0.99lb @ 1.33lb =$1.32

Jewel-Osco: $0.99 x2 =$1.98

Organic Blueberries
Jewel-Osco: $2.99

Halos Mandarines
Jewel-Osco: $2.99

Green Peppers
Valli Produce: (4) $0.89lb @ 1.81lb =$1.61

Red Peppers
Caputo’s: (2) $0.49lb @ 1.16lb =$0.57 -$0.25 Checkout51 =$0.32

Yellow Peppers
Caputo’s: (2) 0.49lb @ 1.43lb =$0.70

Valli Produce: $0.88
(I pictured 4 however this week only 1 was extra/snack the other 3 were for breakfast & salads)

Valli Produce: $0.88

Grape Tomatoes
Valli Produce: $0.99 x2 =$1.98

Gala Apples
Caputo’s: (8) $0.79lb @ 3.66lb =$2.89

Aldi: (10) $1.99

Organic Bananas
Aldi: (5) $1.18 (used 2 for my meal prep) =$0.71

Side Dish

Green Beans
Valli Produce: $0.48lb @ 0.65lb =$0.31
Ideal Side Dish Recipe: steamed

Organic Mini Peppers
Valli Produce: $1.59
Ideal Side Dish Recipe:

Caputo’s: $0.69lb @ 1.3lb =$0.90
Ideal Side Dish Recipe:

Caputo’s: $0.99lb @ 1lb =$0.99
Ideal Side Dish Recipe: sautéed in garlic butter

Iceberg Lettuce
Valli Produce: $0.79
Valli Produce: $0.34
Organic Beefsteak Tomatoes (rang up as Plum Tomatoes)
Valli Produce: $0.99lb @ 1.10lb =$1.09
Ideal Side Dish Recipe: Side Salad,
Totals $2.22

Produce Snacks: $21.24
Produce Side Dishes: $6.01
Total Produce Price for This Week $27.25

Breakfast Prep


Nature Valley Protein Granola
Prior Coupon Deal: $0.97 used about 1/6 =$0.16
Jewel-Osco: $0.99 used about 1/3 =$0.33
Aldi Last Week: $1.99 used about 1/3 =$0.66
Valli Produce: $0.88
Chobani Greek Yogurt
Jewel-Osco: $0.67 (after coupon & app rebate) x3 =$2.00
Dannon Oikos Yogurt
Jewel-Osco: $0.25 (after coupon & app rebate)
=$4.28 for 4 or $1.07 each

Breakfast Bowls

Link To The Recipe I Used: When I make the potatoes I make them all together in one baking dish however I used about 1.25lbs of potatoes for these bowls the others I used for my vegetarian meal prep. I also added in some bell peppers.

Organic Yellow Potatoes
Valli Produce Last Week: $1.99 used 1.25lbs =$0.83
Red Peppers
Valli Produce Last Week: (4) $0.79lb @ 1.89lb =$1.49 used 1.5 =$0.56
Caputo’s Last Week: 12ct $0.39 (after rebate) used 6 =$0.20
Organic Salsa
Aldi Prior Week: $1.89 used 1/4 jar =$0.47
Aldi Last Week: $5.89 used about 3/4c =$0.55
=$2.61 for 3 or $0.87 each

Muffin Breakfast Sandwiches

Link To The Recipe I Used:

Caputo’s Last Week: 12ct $0.39 (after rebate)
English Muffins
Aldi: $0.99
Copperwood American Cheese
Valli Produce: $2.99lb @ 0.77lb =$2.30 used 6 slices =$0.86
Old Warsaw Polish Ham
Valli Produce: $2.99lb @ 0.89lb =$2.66 used 6 slices =$0.80
=$3.04 for 6 or $0.51 each

Breakfast Total: $9.93

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