Aldi Haul 2/16/19 Saved $15.33 Compared to Walmart, Target, & Jewel

Estimated Price: $68.72
Aldi Price: $53.39
Estimated Savings: $15.33

Simply Nature Knock Your Sprouts Off Sprouted 7 Grain Low Sodium Bread 1lb $2.99
Target Price: Pepperidge Farm Light Style 7-Grain Bread 16oz $3.99 (my Walmart doesn’t carry this type of bread)
Saved: $1.00

Strawberries 1lb $1.39 x4 =$5.56
Walmart Price: $2.97 x4 =$11.88
Saved: $6.32

Green Grapes $0.99lb @ 3.62lb =$3.59
Walmart Price: $1.88lb @ 3.62lb =$6.81
Saved: $3.22

Simply Nature Organic Lentil Soup 18.6oz $1.79 x2 =$3.58
Walmart Price: Great Value Organic Lentil Soup 18.6oz $2.23 x2 =$4.46
Saved: $0.88

Spring Water $2.79 x2 =$5.58
Jewel-Osco Price: refresh Spring Water $3.49 x2 =$6.98 (both my Walmart & Target don’t carry generic spring water)
Saved: $1.40

Friendly Farms French Vanilla Coffee Creamer 32oz $2.29
Walmart Price: Great Value French Vanilla Coffee Creamer $2.48
Saved: $0.19

Diet Coke 12oz 12pk $4.88
Walmart Price: $4.78
Overpaid: $0.10

L’oven Fresh Deli Rolls 6ct $1.89
Walmart Price: Lewis Bake Shop Seeded Deli Rolls 6ct $2.33
Saved: $0.44

Barissimo Hazelnut Medium 100% Arabica Coffee Coffee Cups 12ct $4.29
Walmart Price: Great Value 100% Arabica Creamy Hazelnut Medium Arabica Coffee 12ct $4.47
Saved: $0.18

Happy Farms Provolone Cheese 12ct $1.99
Walmart Price: Great Value Deli-Style Sliced Provolone Cheese 8oz 12ct $2.22
Saved: $0.23

Berryhill Chocolate Syrup 24oz $1.45
Walmart Price: Great Value Chocolate Syrup 24oz $1.58
Saved: $0.13

Simply Nature Organic White Cheddar Puffs 4oz $1.99
Walmart Price: no match

Simply Nature Organic Whole Milk Vanilla Yogurt 32oz $2.89
Walmart Price: Great Value Organic Low Fat Plain Yogurt 32oz $2.98
Saved: $0.09

Millville Protein Granola Oats N’ Dark Chocolate 11oz $2.99
Walmart Price: Nature Valley Granola Protein Oats N’ Dark Chocolate Granola 11oz $3.77
Saved: $0.78

Boulder Coated Paper Plates 9″ 80ct $3.29
Walmart Price: AJM Paper Plates, 9″ 80ct $3.83
Saved: $0.54

Baker’s Treat Peanut Butter Wafers 12ct $1.45
Walmart Price: Great Value Peanut Butter Wafer Bars 6ct 2pk $1.48
Saved: $0.03

Lunch Mate Southwestern Grilled Chicken Breast Strips 6oz $2.69
Walmart Price: no match

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